Liuyishou Hotpot was founded in 2000. The entire team has continued to move forward by constantly honing their skills, evolving from a single hot pot restaurant on a small street to a franchise of over 1000 locations throughout the world. Liuyishou restaurants can be found throughout China, as well as in Canada, USA, Dubai, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Thailand, and France. Liuyishou’s fashionably healthy image, outstanding quality and authentic hot pot taste and culture have garnered the favor of countless cuisine lovers.

After Liuyishou Hotpot made its way to North America, in a short period of time it made a name for itself with its high-quality products, outstanding service, innovative combinations of ingredients, and authentic traditional taste, offering overseas Chinese and locals alike a dining experience like no other, and regardless of where they were located the restaurants all proved very popular. In early 2017, Liuyishou won the “Metro Vancouver Best Hot Pot Award”, earning the most votes out of a total of 38,000. By this point, in only two years time, Liuyishou restaurants in North America had already served a total of more than 300,000 customers.

GBM assists Liuyishou into U.S. market and plans to start a brand-new restaurant in the future.